The Children’s Media Foundation has grown out of two organisations which have the interests of children at their heart – and that will remain its position.

The new organisation has the following aims:

  • To increase public awareness and improve understanding of the value of media made for children and the issues arising from children’s media use.
  • To protect the quality, variety, and range of media of all types for children and young people in all social groups.
  • To support the production of media for children and young people in the UK while embracing stimulating content from all parts of the world.

The CMF will take the basic position that media for young people is a force for good, when well made and properly funded.  The CMF will campaign for quality amongst the makers and distributors, and for support for quality, range and diversity amongst the press, politicians and the public.

It will also address the many and varied issues facing young people as media users, and how these affect the industry that serves them, including:

  • internet safety
  • commercialisation
  • audience care, appropriateness and the role of the regulator
  • support for children’s content in the public service broadcasters
  • the relationship between media and education
  • empowering kids and parents through media-literacy
  • quality of content across all platforms

The CMF aims to be the focus for reasoned debate around these and other issues and it plans to produce evidence to dispel the wilder rumour and conjecture which so often feature in the press.  We want to see children and media at the centre of public attention for all the right reasons.

To support that position the CMF will partner with the academic community to stimulate research, and through a continuing relationship with the press and other media it will help disseminate research that broadens understanding of how kids relate to media and how it affects them.

An annual “state of the nation” review of kids’ media will keep the topic in the public consciousness.

As a national body, the Children’s Media Foundation will continue the work of Save Kids’ TV and focus on supporting UK-produced media.   But it will also take an international role, as the representative body in the UK and build relationships with other organisations with similar aims to improve the quality of media for children worldwide.

This site has now been archived. For more information please visit The Children's Media Foundation website.