Can Television be good for Children?
By Dr Kaoruko Kondo and Professor Jeanette Steemers

Save Kids’ TV commissioned a review of the available recent research on the beneficial affects of television in children’s lives. Despite much of what we read in the press, there is a significant body of evidence based research indicating that children, families and society as a whole gains from the fact that children watch and enjoy television programmes. They learn from them both formally and informally, and they help them discover their place in the world.

“The purpose of this literature review is to identify and review research which supports the view that children’s television is a potentially beneficial medium; that in certain circumstances it can be a powerful educational tool; that it can inform and inspire; and that it is culturally relevant to today’s children. Many discussions of television’s impact on children focus only on its negative influence in relation to violence and advertising, for example, but it is also important to recognise that television can also have a positive impact.”

The research review was conducted at the University of Westminster Communication and Media Research Institute by Dr Kaoruko Kondo.
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