Kids… Could there be a hotter topic?  They’re either getting the best exam results ever, or they’re knife-wielding, hoody-wearing looters. They’ll be paying for our pension plans and their student debt for the rest of their lives.  They’re over commercialised, too early sexualised, , anti-political, anti-social, ASBO’d and obese and generally disengaged!

But they are also… the living messages we send to a time we will not see. (Neil Postman The Disappearance of Childhood 1982).

Children’s media has a powerful role to play in how our kids become the future.  For the last five years Save Kids’ TV has been saying that the range, diversity, quality and purpose of the media we serve to our kids really matters.  Ensuring that some of that content is made here in the UK, reflecting their lives and telling their stories, is also vital if they are to engage fully with society and our culture as they grow up.

That’s the “big-picture” story for us.  But many other stories focused on children and media regularly feature in the headlines and on the radar of politicians and regulators.  With children at the heart of the national debate, the time is ripe for SKTV to turn itself into a more permanent, professionally managed and broader-based organisation capable of reacting quickly and pro-actively taking the lead with the voice of reason, supported by research.

Save Kids’ TV has made a fantastic start.  The CMF will be there for the long-haul.

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