Jocelyn Stevenson“Sometimes you need a crisis to focus concentration. Many of us in the children’s television industry have become increasingly frustrated over the past decade as commercial `realities´ have taken precedence over social and cultural relevance in content creation.

As awareness of the effects of this commerce-versus-children battle on society as a whole is now hitting public consciousness, we have the opportunity to join forces with educators, health professionals, parents, grandparents, guardians, politicians and anyone who cares about the well-being of the next generation to say that children deserve better – and that it’s to our advantage – socially, culturally, psychologically, commercially and as a species – to see that they get it.”

Jocelyn Stevenson has created, written, produced and/or executive produced a number of television series for young children including Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Charlie Chalk, Jim Henson’s Ghost of Faffner Hall, The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake, The Magic School Bus, Mopatop’s Shop, The Hoobs, Bob The Builder, Barney & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas & Friends, Rubbadubbers and Pingu.

Jocelyn is a Creative Director for TT Animation.  She co-created, wrote and produced What’s Your News?, TTA’s first series, currently airing on Nick JR UK and the CBC in Canada.

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