The Party Conferences and the APPG

None of us are professional lobbyists and it’s been ‘interesting’ learning how to navigate around Westminster and the various broadcasting Powers That Be: “Children’s TV, ah you want Culture Media and Sport” … …“Oh, Children’s TV: that would be Children, Schools and Families”… “Oh that would be Education.” … Is children’s media just a Media … Read more

Campaigns and Consultations

The campaigning continues in various forms. Animation Save Kids’ TV is supporting The UK Animation Campaign which has seen significant progress in the last few weeks, with the launch of a specially-commissioned report on the state of the animation industry and the pressure from foreign competitors – many of whom have various forms of state assistance.  Campaigning for … Read more

The Voice of the Listener and Viewer Conference

The annual VLV children’s conference was held on 7th November and was very well attended. Peter Duncan in his role as Chief Scout opened the conference with a plea to take the future of kid’s media and culture seriously. The conference was dominated by issues raised in Richard Deverell’s statement concerning the future of BBC … Read more

Parliamentary Debate

An Adjournment Debate initiated by the Performers’ Alliance Parliamentary Group supported by PACT was held in Westminster Hall on 4th December. It was opened by Labour MP Neil Gerrard and all parties were represented. The debate ranged over all the Ofcom options and though there were differences in interpretation between the parties there was consensus … Read more

Westminster Media Forum / Ofcom Debate

This was held on 6th December and was intended for Ofcom to gather views in the consultation process. Speakers addressed the status quo and looked to the future. Responses to the Ofcom options were made by Five; Pact and SKTV. Anthony Lilley, Chief Executive of Magic Lantern Productions (and the co-author of the Ofcom report … Read more